Once your website is up and running it is important that you maintain a grasp of how effective your online efforts are.

It is no longer in doubt that the majority of businesses and organizations need to be online in order to function effectively.

The questions that many organizations need answered is just how effective is their site?

Website Analytics

Analytics refers to the systematic analysis of traffic on your website; both how your visitors found you as well as what these visitors did on your site once they got there.

This process is performed using a variety of software, the most important being Google Analytics, a free service available to website owners.

The greatest power of Google Analytics lies in it’s ability to trace conversions, that is track how well your visitors ‘converted’ into more useable visitors. Generally this means they converted to a sale or to a contact submission request.

Tracking the course of conversions, site entries and bounce rates (quick exits without going further) you can get a better idea of what parts of your site are working and what parts aren’t. This will allow you to better key into particular areas for marketing, site improvements or search engine optimization.

Alternatively, it can also give you an idea of what areas of your site and marketing plan just aren’t paying off to allow you to abandon or fine-tune them.

It is hard to overstate just how valuable analytics for your website can be.

In order to ensure that your site is maximizing profitability and useability, this is an absolute must-have for site owners.

website analytics

Comparitive Reports

Comparitive reporting will compare your website to those of your competitors and provide quantitative feedback about the differences that exist on a number of important factors:

  • Keywords and relative weighting
  • Google, Yahoo and MSN rankings for selected keywords
  • Estimate of monthly traffic
  • Site structure
  • Number of incoming links to the site

A comparitive report is an excellent starting point to plan future work on your website.